Retirement Income Planning

bikeridersYou’ve worked hard over the years and saved money for retirement.

You’re coming up to retirement or maybe you’ve started retirement but, do you have enough saved? Are your assets properly positioned to generate a lifetime of income and also mitigate life’s what if’s? At Financial Risk Management Inc. we believe that a properly structured retirement income plan hinges on 3 core areas, tax efficiency, lifetime guaranteed income, and leverage. There are many techniques and strategies we implement with our clients to meet their retirement objectives. One of the tools we utilize in our income plans to address these areas is a fixed annuity. It provides tax deferral of gains, safe predictable returns, and most importantly guaranteed lifetime income. Common questions clients ask us when we first sit down include:

Do I have enough money saved for retirement?

What impact will taxes have on my retirement plan?

What are my social security benefits and what is the best strategy to access them?

How can I create a guaranteed stream of income during retirement?

How can I protect myself from market risk but, generate a high yield on my investments?