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Retirement Income Planning

You’ve worked hard over the years and saved money for retirement.

You’re coming up to retirement or maybe you’ve started retirement but, do you have enough saved? Are your assets properly positioned to generate a lifetime of income and also mitigate life’s what if’s? At Financial Risk Management Inc. we believe that a properly structured retirement income plan hinges on 3 core areas, tax efficiency, lifetime guaranteed income, and leverage. There are many techniques and strategies we implement with our clients to meet their retirement objectives. One of the tools we utilize in our income plans to address these areas is a fixed annuity. It provides tax deferral of gains, safe predictable returns, and most importantly guaranteed lifetime income. Common questions clients ask us when we first sit down include:

Do I have enough money saved for retirement?

What impact will taxes have on my retirement plan?

What are my social security benefits and what is the best strategy to access them?

How can I create a guaranteed stream of income during retirement?

How can I protect myself from market risk but, generate a high yield on my investments?

Social Security

While you shouldn’t rely solely on Social Security benefits, it is important that you see them as a valuable retirement asset. The problem is that there are many rules and guidelines that can be confusing when choosing your Social Security options. Your choices can cause you to lose on benefits. A financial advisor can help you find your best Social Security maximization strategies.

This short video discusses Social Security and how it works.

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Saving For Retirement

Saving for retirement can be difficult. While you’ll likely seek opportunities for growth, many options, like the stock market, carry significant risk for loss with the possibility for gains. Loss of capital is also loss of time, which becomes more important as you near retirement.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Withdrawals

If you are approaching retirement or already retired, and you are looking for the highest and surest way to withdraw money from your retirement savings, watch this video to learn how you can get guaranteed fixed income withdrawals for as long as you live, and without the risk of running out of money.

Estate Planning

Many individuals have the mistaken impression that at death, their assets will simply transfer to their loved ones.  Unfortunately, unwanted heirs can siphon off money that would otherwise go to an individuals loved ones if a proper estate plan isn’t set up.  These unwanted heirs include the Federal Estate Tax, State Inheritance Tax, Estate Administrative Costs, and Income Tax to beneficiaries.

Fortunately, at Financial Risk Management Inc we have a wealth of knowledge in the area of estate planning and asset positioning to transfer assets to beneficiaries in the most tax efficient manner.  You’ll find that we have the answers to these and many other questions:

Do I need a trust?

Should I have a will?

How do I avoid double taxation of my assets?

How do I shelter my assets from the estate tax?

Am I exposed to estate and inheritance taxes?

How can future actions by congress affect my estate plan?

What is the most tax efficient way to transfer my assets to my loved ones?

A carefully crafted estate plan is important to outlining your final wishes, helping your surviving family members with your financial obligations, and providing resources to replace your income.

This short video discusses many issues surrounding estate planning and how you can avoid burdening your family with difficult financial and legal decisions.

Living Trust Benefit

A living trust provides specific instructions for how your estate and assets should be handled in a variety of situations. Unlike a will, a living trust can avoid probate and transfer your assets directly to your heirs.

Cash Reserve Portfolio Liquidity

If you keep money in any type of “liquid” cash reserve, set aside from all your other assets and investments, watch this short video to learn about the tax and legal advantages of an alternative “safe money” cash reserve portfolio asset with excellent liquidity.

Low Cost “Adjustable” Life Insurance

If you realize that the amount of life insurance coverage you need will vary over the course of your lifetime, watch this video to learn how you can increase or decrease both your coverage and your payments as needed.

LTC Life

Two out of three individuals will eventually need some form of “elder care,” according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Many of these necessary services are not covered by Medicare or Medicare supplements. This is where long-term care insurance can come in to play. However, if the LTC is never used, you can lose all the money you paid into it.

This short video discusses the benefits of “asset based insurance” as means to provide LTC protection if you need it, as well as other objectives.

LTC Annuity

The LTC annuity solution is similar to the LTC life solution, with annuities incorporated into the strategy.

IRA Rollover

Funds in a 401(k) or similar retirement account will incur administrative fees—often 1% to 2% annually. This might not seem like much, but over time this can reduce your retirement income by a significant amount. One possible solution that still offers upside potential is a fixed index annuity.

IRA / RMD Conversion

All your money in your IRA is tax-deferred, not tax-exempt, meaning that at some point you will have to pay taxes on the account. Furthermore, the IRS requires individuals start taking distributions at age 70 and pay taxes on the payments, even if you don’t want to. Anything left in the account when you pass will all be taxed as earned income before inheritance. A possible solution is to covert your IRA into an annuity and then use the annuity benefit payouts to purchase a life insurance policy. This conversion strategy provides for a more efficient tax-treatment.


This short video covers the IRA conversion strategy.

Key Person

Key person insurance is a way to use life insurance to protect a business from the illness, disability, or death of a key partner. Key person insurance helps to cover the loss resulting from these scenarios and to prevent further setbacks.