IRA Rollover

Funds in a 401(k) or similar retirement account will incur administrative fees—often 1% to 2% annually. This might not seem like much, but over time this can reduce your retirement income by a significant amount. One possible solution that still offers upside potential is a fixed index annuity.


This short video discusses this process and benefits of this strategy.

IRA / RMD Conversion

All your money in your IRA is tax-deferred, not tax-exempt, meaning that at some point you will have to pay taxes on the account. Furthermore, the IRS requires individuals start taking distributions at age 70 and pay taxes on the payments, even if you don’t want to. Anything left in the account when you pass will all be taxed as earned income before inheritance. A possible solution is to covert your IRA into an annuity and then use the annuity benefit payouts to purchase a life insurance policy. This conversion strategy provides for a more efficient tax-treatment.


This short video covers the IRA conversion strategy.