Estate Planning

Many individuals have the mistaken impression that at death, their assets will simply transfer to their loved ones.  Unfortunately, unwanted heirs can siphon off money that would otherwise go to an individuals loved ones if a proper estate plan isn’t set up.  These unwanted heirs include the Federal Estate Tax, State Inheritance Tax, Estate Administrative Costs, and Income Tax to beneficiaries.

Fortunately, at Financial Risk Management Inc we have a wealth of knowledge in the area of estate planning and asset positioning to transfer assets to beneficiaries in the most tax efficient manner.  You’ll find that we have the answers to these and many other questions:

Do I need a trust?

Should I have a will?

How do I avoid double taxation of my assets?

How do I shelter my assets from the estate tax?

Am I exposed to estate and inheritance taxes?

How can future actions by congress affect my estate plan?

What is the most tax efficient way to transfer my assets to my loved ones?

A carefully crafted estate plan is important to outlining your final wishes, helping your surviving family members with your financial obligations, and providing resources to replace your income.

This short video discusses many issues surrounding estate planning and how you can avoid burdening your family with difficult financial and legal decisions.