The testimonial statements provided may not be representative of the experience of other clients as individual results may vary. Below, you’ll find feedback from our valued clients explaining how our services have helped them reach their individual retirement goals.

Your staff has always been very professional and assists us at all times.

Your guidance has been helpful for our financial needs and we truly appreciate you and the staff for being there to help. We do refer our friends to your company as you have assisted us in our own lives.

Thank you

Sam and Carol Cohen

I am so happy that I found Financial Risk Management. The people involved in helping to handle your finances for you are the greatest. There is Adrian B. Dares, who is the big boss who runs everything and still treats me like a very special lady. There is also Nico who takes care of all the things Adrian wants done to help make sure your well taken care of.

The most important of all to me is their sound honest advice, and their caring feeling that I get from them is worth a great deal more than words can ever express. Adrian and Nico are like trusted family I can depend on.

Beverly W. – Age 78

I have done business for several years with these polite, courteous, willing, helpful, honest people. I highly recommend them for a trust or money matters. They have been real good to me.

Wilma C. – Age 86 (Retired)

I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for introducing me to your array of retirement strategies. I was very happy when I saw my annual policy statement.

James Baker – Real Estate Broker

I am glad that you gave me the opportunity to be a part. I have the confidence that your company will be here for a long time not only to do business in this community, but it is apparent that you have the concept of helping people. Those who give with a glad heart will receive far more than what they give out.

Thank you.

Dennis Simpson – Retired US Postal Service

Thank you Adrian…you have advised us on good, sound and reassuring financial strategies. You do the work, we reap the rewards. We are very pleased.

John & Mary Ann Sopko – Retired